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Veritas Recordings

Graham Blyth plays the Veritas Opus 1
in Church of the Ascension, Buffalo, NY

The Sanctuary of Church of the Ascension, Buffalo, NY, is about 120 ft. long, 45 ft, wide and 50 ft. high, with no supporting pillars except under the West Gallery. This is where the Veritas Organ is installed, its 28 independent audio channels spread across a width of 32 ft. The recording was made using two omni-directional microphones spaced some 15 ft. apart, placed about 80ft from the Gallery front rail.

Opus 1 Audio Downloads (Click Here)

Graham Blyth plays two Veritas Organs:
Opus 2, First United Methodist Church, Lompoc, CA
& Challow Park Recital Hall, Oxfordshire, England

First United Methodist Church, Lompoc, CA, is a substantial ‘A’ frame building, seating about 450 people. The floors are carpeted, the pews have cushions and the large area of internal ceiling is of wooden construction, with a natural finish. It is therefore typical of American churches built in the second half of the 20th century and has an acoustic with plentiful early reflections but not much “tail”, great for speech, but challenging for the organ. The tonal concept of the Veritas organ is essentially “American Classic,” but brought into the 21st century, an eclectic instrument that fulfils all the diverse requirements of today’s liturgy while also being a thrilling concert organ. Following the lengthy tonal finishing process, Veritas Opus 2 speaks into the building with power and authority. The program on this CD demonstrates the tremendous emotional range of this instrument: the glory of the Tutti, the richness of the Plein Jeux, the warmth of the foundations and the huge palette of soft sounds.

The Challow Park Recital Hall is a purpose built Music Room, 38 ft. long, 27 ft. wide and 16 ft. high. It is fairly unique in that it has a completely variable acoustic, anything from a room suitable for intimate chamber music to a large cathedral. This is achieved by means of the LARES system by Lexicon Inc, which may also be found in places as diverse as the Berlin Opera and Central Synagogue, NYC. The organ is a substantial 4 manual instrument. Apart from its role as a recital instrument, it is used to develop and evaluate tonal design concepts for all sizes of organs.

Opus 2 Audio Downloads(Click Here)

About Graham Blyth

Graham Blyth is President and Tonal Director of the Veritas Organ Company and studied organ with Robert Munns and piano with Sulemita Aronowsky. He is well known in professional audio circles as one of the founders of Soundcraft, the leading manufacturer of audio mixing consoles, and brings this experience to bear when designing the sophisticated audio systems used by Veritas organs.

As an organ recitalist, Graham has played some of the finest organs in Europe and America, notably the Madeleine in Paris, the Liebfrauen Dom in Munich, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco and St. Thomas 5th Ave in New York. He is a strong proponent of the synthesis approach to digital organ design and one of the leading exponents of the art of voicing organs using such systems, with over 20 years experience.